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This year, the Pluradent Symposium will already take place for the third time:
Groundbreaking scientific and practical impulses, top-level speakers, individual seminars, an extraordinary program and valuable insights into the dental world of tomorrow.

According to our theme „The Dental Future – Knowledge. Implementation. Success.", we are delighted to present you exceptional topics like shaping the dental future, staff development and entrepreneurial growth. Experience interesting lectures with top-level speakers. Discover the latest product innovations in our Dental Future Exhibition and take the opportunity to meet colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Pluradent Symposium 2018.
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Uwe Jerathe, CEO
Herbert Liebl, CFO

The Highlights

Der Veranstaltungsort: das Lufthansa Training & Conference Center in Seeheim-Jugenheim

The Venue

The conference hotel Lufthansa Seeheim is one of the most modern and most exclusive conference hotels in Germany. Centrally located in the Rhine-Main-Neckar region, the hotel is situated in the middle of the idyllic Odenwald forest. This particular place attracts guests from all over the world for trainings, relaxation and inspiration. Take the unique opportunity to become familiar with the charm of this place, to make valuable contacts and, above all, to gain exciting insights into the dental future. The hotel is about 30 minutes drive from Frankfurt Airport. A free of charge shuttle service from Terminal 1 provides a convenient transfer to the hotel. Please note that the shuttle service is a public transport service offer and not organized by Pluradent. The fixed schedule is available under Please allow enough time for the transfer to the hotel and plan your travel accordingly.

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After the multiple exciting topics during the day, we would like to enjoy the evening with you. Look forward to culinary specialties from the single Pluradent sales regions as well as international specialties. Dance with us through the night and get thrilled by the professional show band. Take the opportunity to exchange ideas with speakers and colleagues in a very special atmosphere.

The Dental Future Exhibition

One of the event highlights is our unique Dental Future Exhibition. Our specialists and experts from the industry are on site for individual advice and consultancy. Take benefit from the product presentations and develop new ideas for your own practice or laboratory.


Symposium Programme
Friday, 20th April 2018

Pluradent Symposium 2018 – The Dental Future

Welcome: Uwe Jerathe (CEO Pluradent)

Moderation Team:

  • Miriam Lange
  • Prof. Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Nils-Claudius Gellrich
    (Medical University Hannover (MH), Scientific Director of the Pluradent Symposium 2018)

Lectures in the Bonhoeffer Hall

Keynote lectures
will be presented in German language.
Simultaneous translation into
English available.
  • Dr. Peter Bongard:

    Knowledge. Implementation. Success.


Dr. Peter Bongard


Personal data

1988-1993 Study of dentistry, Westphalian Wilhelm University of Münster • 1995 PhD, Westphalian Wilhelm University of Münster of Münster • 1993-1995 Assistance dentist, joint practice Drs. Klotz/Zückler, Duisburg • 1995-1999 Dentist, partner of the joint practice Klotz/ Zückler/Bongard, Duisburg; Focus on periodontics; Specialist and speaker for laser dentistry • Dentist in Moers since 1999, until 2014 practice Dr. Bongard & S. Möllenbruck, from 2014 Medical Care Centre “Zahn+Zentrum Moers GmbH”, owner and medical director: Dr. Peter Bongard and Dr. stom. (YU) Klaus Jülichmann • 1994-2000 Specialist and speaker for laser dentistry • Since 1999 national and international speaker • 2000-2002 certified implantologist • Since 2000 certification and user of orthodontic treatment • 2000-2004 Specialization in prosthetics according to Prof. Gutowski • 2001-2004 member the study group Prof. Mick Drago, USA • Since 2004 Chairman Moerser Dentist Circle • 2005 Certification and appointment as specialist of implantology • 2006-2009 Part-time activity in the fields of implantology and periodontics in Bournemouth, England • Since 2006 Publication of various specialist articles nationally and internationally • Since 2006 Planning and deficiency expert KZV NZRRD in the field of dental prosthetics • 2009 Patent grant for a single-piece hybrid implant • 2009 Editorial adviser PIP magazine "Practical Implantology and Implantation Prosthodontics" • Since 2010 Private and court expert • 2013-2014 Study stays • 2014 Scientific advisory board "Alliance Healthy Implant" • 2017 Certified expert of the DGOI, German Society of Oral Implantology and the ICOI, International Congress of Oral Implantologists

Successful application of knowledge.

The digital workflow in implantology, prosthetics, functional therapy and in the dental laboratory. It has already been implemented in the dental laboratory and will soon reach dental practice: The digital workflow! What is possible today? How can I set-up my practice as reasonable as possible?

The most important capital is our well-trained staff: From an employee to a loyal employee. Our staff is more and more shaping our dental future. The shortage of medical staff affects us with a lack of more than 50,000 employees. How do we overcome this challenge successfully and how do we identify our employees with our company? How can we become the "Best place to work"!

Growing entrepreneurially means growing on a healthy basis. From a dental practice to a dental centre, a lot of elements are required to create a sound and safe company: Developing values and a brand, implementing controlling tools, developing personnel structures and the right marketing strategies are only a few elements to success!

  • Sven Gábor Jánszky:

    What will the future bring?


Sven Gábor Jánszky

Futurologist and Trend Researcher

Personal data

Futurologist and CEO Trend Institute 2b AHEAD ThinkTank • The studies and trend analyses of his institute regarding the living, working and consumer worlds of the future as well as his strategy recommendations on business models of the future form the basis for future strategies of many companies • Voice of the lateral thinkers and disruptive innovators in the German business • Tutor international master's program "Leadership" at the International Charles University and the University of Leipzig • Chairman of the board of directors 2b AHEAD ThinkTank AG in St. Gallen • Board member International Charles University • Member of the board Management Circle AG • President "Rulebreaker-Society" • Consultant for board members and entrepreneurs in strategy processes • Leads innovation processes to product development and business models of the future • Interview expert in Germany's important economic media for innovations and trends • Keynote speaker at strategic meetings and congresses

What will the future bring?

Join the speaker on an exciting journey into the future: Starting from the loss of confidence of human experts through Predictive Enterprises up to the question of how our society has to change, from 2050, when the time will be reached that the human being will only be the second-most intelligent species on earth.

Above all, the effects of artificial intelligence (AI) will characterize the following ten years. From 2020 onwards, AI will bring intelligent digital assistants on our smartphones, which will be able to give us better advice than human experts - regarding important questions, less important questions and even regarding senseless questions.

Nevertheless, the speaker also speaks about the fears and prejudices in such a future world: Will we lose our self-determination and will we predominately lead live controlled by technology? How will we deal with our personal data in ten years? And how quickly will we change our user habits?

Sven Gábor Jánszky will present the main trends from various sectors in his presentation. At the same time he will clearly reference to the dental sector.

  • Special international mySymposium with Dr. Prof. Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Nils-Claudius Gellrich

    16:45 - 17:30 pm
    Innovative aspects of digital user-oriented 3D technology in modern dentistry and maxillofacial surgery

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Nils-Claudius Gellrich

Director of the department for oral and maxillofacial surgery at the Medical University Hannover (MH), Scientific Director of the Pluradent Symposium 2018

Informationen zur Person

Since 2004 university professor and clinical director of the department for oral and maxillofacial surgery at the Medical University Hannover (MH) • 1991-1992 PhD Dr. med. and PhD Dr. med. dent. • Research focus: Complex facial reconstruction, tissue replacement and regeneration, tissue engineering, computer-assisted planning and surgery, patient-specific and functionalized implants, neuroprotection and regeneration

Innovative aspects of digital user-oriented 3D technology in modern dentistry and maxillofacial surgery

For many years, 3D imaging and analysis are part of the planning processes in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Due to recent advancements and developments in computer sciences, most of the formerly known restrictions regarding limited and slow data volume processing can be resolved nowadays.

Often, oral and maxillofacial surgery is performed at externally visible areas of the face so that it is of major importance that the exact implementation of surgical plans is achieved in order to reconstruct deformities or defects as authentic as possible.

Despite of vast improvements in the fields of medical engineering and surgical know-how, the implementation of 3D surface and volume information data processing for generating an accurate pre-operative planning has not become a standard procedure yet.

In fact, surface and volume data information allow for the establishing of a digital workflow, which enables experienced surgeons to grant a high-level of quality assurance in all treatment phases; pre-operatively within the planning process, intra-operatively within the implementation of the plan and post-operatively within the monitoring of the surgery results. The classical indication lies here in the field of dental implantology.

The purpose and aim of this presentation is to outline the current status as well as future treatment opportunities, subject to the comprehensive use of the presently available 3D imaging information from different sources (facial scanner, computer tomography, cone beam tomography, magnetic resonance tomography).

The design of clearly comprehensible surgery plans, the pre-operative preparation of patient-specific implants as well as modern developments of 3D tissue replacement will be shown. The comprehensive exploitation of digital imaging information offers many advantages for patients and users, allowing a reduction and/or completely omitting the use of x-rays or invasive methods and to achieve, further then the usually achieved transparency, a reliable tool for quality control and assurance of the desired surgical outcome for each individual patient. Examples of cases using the 3D technology being a unique, language barrier-free information data transfer system, will demonstrate the advantages for modern dentistry and maxillofacial surgery as well as for related interdisciplinary platforms.

After the exciting lectures you can look forward to the Pluranight – professional networking in a very special atmosphere


Symposium Programme
Saturday, 21st April 2018

Brief summary of Friday’s mySymposium lectures

Moderation Team:

  • Miriam Lange
  • Prof. Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Nils-Claudius Gellrich
    (Medical University Hannover (MH), Scientific Director of the Pluradent Symposium 2018)

Lectures in the Bonhoeffer Hall

  • Christian Gansch:

    From solo to symphony - the orchestra as a success model


Christian Gansch

Conductor, Music Producer

Personal data

1981-1990 Manager at the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra • Move into the music industry, production of 190 CDs, with artists such as Claudio Abbado, Pierre Boulez, Lang Lang and Anna Netrebko and orchestras like the Berliner Philharmonic Orchestra and the Metropolitan Opera New York • His book "From solo to symphony - What companies can learn from orchestras" initiated the trend of the orchestral-company-transfer in the German-speaking countries • In addition to many international awards, he won four Grammy awards • National and international speaker

The conductor, music producer and coach Christian Gansch demonstrates the similarities between corporate and orchestral structures and the corresponding derivations for professional work.

A well-performing orchestra is a prime example of efficient leadership and conflict resolution strategies. Who is the leader? How many soloists are bearable for a team? How do employees develop their motivation and commitment? What are the freedoms and areas of responsibility for the individual? How are decisions taken, which is the way communication? Which voice gets priority at which point? How do leaders and teams develop their ideas and innovations together? Why does routine lead to a standstill? Christian Gansch’s inventive look behind the scenes of the orchestral world gives inspiring answers to these questions.

  • Prof. Dr. Daniel Edelhoff:

    New materials and innovative treatment concepts in fixed prosthodontics


Prof. Dr. Daniel Edelhoff

Director Polyclinic for Dental Prosthetics, University Munich

Personal data

Dental technician education • 1986-1991 Study of dentistry, Aachen • 1992 Dentistry degree • 1993 Research assistant, department of dentistry, University hospital RWTH Aachen • 1994 Phd Dr. med. dent. • 1998 Senior research award DGZPW • 1999-2001 DFG research stay at the Dental Clinical Research Centre of the Oregon Health and Sciences University, Portland, Oregon, USA • 2002 Senior physician, department of dental prosthodontics, University Hospital RWTH Aachen • 2003 Author scientific statement of the German Association of Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Dentistry (DGZMK) regarding the "Reconstruction of endodontically treated teeth" • 2003 Habilitation (Venia Legendi) • 2006 W2 professor for prosthetics and material science at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich • 2006 -2009 Board member German Society of Implantology • 2009 Associate member American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (AAED) • 2010 Award "Best Lecture" at the annual conference of the Association Dental Technology • 2011, 2012 and 2013 "Best Tutor" Award, Bavarian Dentist Association • 2012 Member International College of Dentists (ICD) • Scientific Director, 8th World Congress of the International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry (IFED) 2013 in Munich • Since 2014 Director, Department of Prosthodontics, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, active member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED) and associate editor of the international multidisciplinary scientific journal Clinical Oral Investigations • Since 2016, president of the Dental Technology Association (ADT)

New materials and innovative treatment concepts in fixed prosthodontics

1979-1982 With the introduction of digital technologies in dentistry, multiple additional possibilities emerged in diagnostics as well as in treatment planning and communication, which allow a far greater predictability, especially regarding complex prosthetic rehabilitation. Additionally, an extensive new spectrum of innovative materials becomes available through these digital methods. Even for experts, it can be difficult to keep an overview over this wide range.

CAD/CAM-produced high-performance polymers, such as polycarbonates, PEEK and hybrid ceramics are material groups with previously unavailable features. Through these materials, the indication range has been considerably extended.

New opportunities arise regarding the pre-treatment of complex cases. Tooth-coloured dental splints, corresponding to the analytical wax-up, can be tested over a longer period of time, in terms of a functional and aesthetic evaluation of the restorative design.

The rapid developments of materials in the field of definitive ceramic restorative materials as well as in the field of adhesive technology have created entirely new treatment possibilities. Wider ranges of indications and less invasive preparations reflect this tendency clearly.

The presentation demonstrates numerous clinical examples, which provide an update on the various new indications of state-of-the-art materials and technologies for fixed prosthodontics. Clinical cases show innovative treatment concepts for the modern dental practice. The evaluation is based on of scientific investigations.

  • Vincent Fehmer:

    From the practice to the laboratory - challenges and limitations in computer-assisted work-flows


Vincent Fehmer

Master Dental Technician, Clinic for fixed Prosthetics and Bio Materials, University Geneva

Personal data

Dental technician at the Clinic for Prosthetics and Biomaterials (Centre for Dental Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland) • 1998-2002 Dental technician education in Stuttgart • 2002-2003 Trainee in dental oral design laboratories in the UK and the USA • 2003-2009 Dental Manufaktur Mehrhof in Berlin • 2009 Graduate as master dental technician • 2009-2014 Chief dental technician at the Clinic for Prosthetics and Dental Materials in Zurich, Switzerland • Since 2015 Clinic for Prosthetics and Biomaterials at the University of Geneva • Since 2015 own laboratory in Lausanne, Switzerland • Fellow of the international team for implantology (ITI) • Member of the Oral Design Group, the European Association of Dental Technology (EADT) and the German Association for Aesthetic Dentistry (DGÄZ) • National and international speaker • Several awards such as the award for the best master program of the year • Published numerous articles in the field of fixed prosthetics and digital dental technology

From the practice to the laboratory - challenges and limitations in computer-assisted work-flows

For the last few years, digitalisation has been implemented into various areas of daily life and particularly in dental medicine. Basic technologies such as 3D imaging in the fields of digital diagnostics and computer-assisted guided surgery as well as CAD/CAM for dental and implant-supported prosthetics offer many advantages at multiple levels. However, they are often associated with considerable investments.

Which opportunities and limitations of these new technologies exist in clinical and dental technology? Which new technologies are essential today and in which area is the more conservative, conventional way still considered being the gold standard?

In this presentation compares conventional and digital therapy and planning steps and shows a prosthetic concept on the basis of current scientific knowledge.


  • mySymposium with special topics:
  • Dr. Cramer von Clausbruch:

    Create your digital future

    14.00 - 14.45 pm

Dr. Cramer von Clausbruch

Marketing Director CA/CAM Equipment,
Ivoclar Digital Competence Centre, Pforzheim

Personal data

After studying materials sciences at the Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Dr. Sascha Cramer von Clausbruch started his career in the dental industry in 2006 • He used to work as head of of several research & development departments and focussed intensively on the development of prosthetic materials and laboratory equipment as well as on the development of CAD/CAM systems for dental technology • 2000 Ph.D., Institute for glass ceramic binders at the Technical University of Clausthal with the topic lithium disilicate glass ceramic • Since 2015 Marketing Director for the CAD/CAM equipment portfolio (hardware and software) at the Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Liechtenstein

Create your digital future

The development of digitalization has been changing the work and processes in the dental laboratory. New manufacturing processes and materials require also new technologies and in-depth know-how. Ivoclar Digital is a competent digital partner to accompany dentists and dental technicians within the entire digital process chain. The PrograMill milling machines combine the current requirements of modern dental technology with innovative materials and coordinated processes, and thus provide the right solution for every situation. The new type of interaction between man and machine allows an ideal integration into the laboratory. This is Digital Dentistry 4.0. Create your digital future with new technologies, adapted to a constantly changing dental world.

  • Dr. Jörg Mudrak:

    The influence of dental volume tomography on surgical and implantological workflows - today and in the future

    15.15 - 16.00 pm
Dr. Jörg Mudrak

Dr. Jörg Mudrak

Dentist/Oral Surgeon

Personal data

1983-1987 Apprenticeship as dental technician incl. apprenticeship diploma • 1987-1988 Apprenticeship as dental ceramist in Oetwil/Limmat, Switzerland • 1988-1989 Studies of dental, oral and maxillo-facial surgery, University Berlin • 1989-1989 Studies of dental, oral and maxillo-facial surgery, Bav. J.-M. University Würzburg • 1989-1993 Studies of dental, oral and maxillo-facial surgery JLU, Giessen • 1993 State examination • 1994-1997 Continuing education as oral surgeon, Dr. med. G. Heieis, Fulda • 1997 Recognition of the regional designation as dentist/oral surgery • 1997 Oral Surgeon, focussed on the Association of Dentists, Hessen: Implantology • Since 2006 Clinical consultant for INSTRUMENTARIUM DENTAL / SOREDEX (PaloDExGroup) KaVoKerr (DANAHER Group), in the field of digital volume tomography • 2008 -2010 Traineeship as radiology assistant, department of radiology, PD Dr. med. D. Schulze, University Freiburg • 2010 DVT Imaging, R&D, clinical research, studies • 2012 Dissertation: "Development of a patient motion simulating device to induce and evaluate reproductive motion artefacts in CBCT imaging", University of Freiburg • Member of BDO, DGZMK, EADMFR , IADMFR, AKFOS (working group for forensic odontology) • Member of the IDKO (Identity Commission of the BKA, Federal criminal police office, Wiesbaden)

The influence of dental volume tomography on surgical and implantological workflows - today and in the future

In the last years, the influence of three-dimensional imaging, including all its aspects, has become more and more important for the planning and implementation of implantological and surgical procedures.

Anatomical structures, which could only be presumed by the means of two-dimensional methods, can be shown much more in detail now. Treatment results are more predictable; the individual planning of implantological procedures (including the drilling templates based on 3D data) opens up a variety of therapeutic opportunities.

However, the adequate interpretation of the 3D data builds the first step of every treatment and forms the basis of each therapeutic concept; which consists of the elements diagnosis, planning and implementation.

This lecture is not only about this "workflow"; it will also discuss questions arising from a forensic point of view. Additionally it will present an outlook on future options and techniques.

Agenda, travel details and cost


Start: Friday, 20th April 2018, 01.30 pm - 05.30 pm (Pluranight starting at 08.00 pm)
End: Saturday, 21st April 2018, 09.30 am - 04.00 pm (incl. seminars)


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